Music and sound design, well, I love it.  I grew up playing instruments and singing.  I was the band nerd classmates made fun of in high school as they cruised by in their 98 turquoise Chevy Cavalier.

I was never really serious about music early on, I loved it, but was too busy playing video games like every other nerd at the time.  That is, until I got into college and discovered the recording arts.  It was a game changer, mainly due to me having a few million dollar recording studios at my disposal.  I guess you can't really discredit all the music theory and ear training the college taught me either.  

After college I got into sound for film.  I did a TON of free projects, and because of that I eventually started getting decent at the craft.  I decided to start my own business and voila, here I am!

So thats me in a nutshell.  Three short paragraphs.


Me on the bayou.

Me on the bayou.