Pipe Organ Recording

Finally, I had the opportunity to capture a pipe organ in its "natural" environment.  I was excited to get underway with execution.  The most important aspect to capturing the essence of the pipe organ is the room its recorded in.  I was lucky to be dealing with the perfect sized room.  The church was moderately large seating 350 people.  Not a huge room but with lofted ceilings there was plenty of space for sound to move around.  I'd estimate there's an RT60 of about 2.5 - 3 seconds.  Not overly reverberant but offered a long enough decay to let the organ do it's thing.  Among the arsenal of mics were two KM140's, a generic ORTF stereo mic and an M/S Schoeps mic.  It turns out I'll only be using the KM140's.  I spent quite a bit of time finding the "sweet spot" in the room.  I wanted to reduced phasing between the microphones so I decided to approach it that way instead of capturing the organ with many different mic arrays and mixing them together.  I strongly recommend that approach when trying to get the truest capture.

Rodgers Organ