website launch/first blog

Finally, after attempting to master the language of html (don't try it), I've broken down and found a great service called Squarespace.  Very intuitive interface.  Nice and simple.

When I saw there was an option to have a blog on the site, I was a bit hesitant (blog = much less professional, even late night OMG did you see this movie it was amazing party time posts).  BUT,  after thinking about it, I thought it would be a great place to post all things educational on the subject of audio however informal they might be.

It's really just a place for me to nerd out.


Tony, ready for another take.

In a last minute effort to collect some hockey slidestops, sprints, etc,  I decided to call my friend up who plays hockey.  I asked if he knew of any place to record indoor hockey skate SFX.  He told me, "Let me make a few calls."  Minutes later he had an arena setup.  With only minutes before open hockey, we were able to get out on the fresh ice and record some great stuff.  Got some mono CU files and stereo mid and far SFX.  We probably spent about 30.  Wish we could have spent few hours out there.